Multi Featured Aakash Ubislate Tablet

Aakash is a Government sector manufacturing low cost Android-based tablets to Universities and Schools in India. The “Aakash” a “Made in India” product was the reflection of a prototype namely “Simputer”. Bharat Electronics manufactured Simputers to customers, later on pronounced “laptop for a child” a computing device at low cost for underprivileged students. The HRD ministry of India showcased and launched a “Aakash tablet” second generation upgraded model in the market. Initially it was expected to be a laptop computer and later evolved as a tablet pc.

Aakash tablet is a low-priced tablet computer with a touch screen of 7-inch, ARM processor and RAM unit of 256MB. The tablet offers DataWind’s browser based on international patents accelerating 10 xs to 30x web pages. The Aakash runs under Android 2.2 platform delivering high resolution videos for best quality multimedia and graphics accelerator for faster support.

Data Wind announced pair of upgraded versions of the Aakash Ublislate tablet 7+ and Aakash Ubislate tablet 7C. The unit has introduced a capacitive display instead of outdated resistive display. The tablets run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with 2.5G connectivity and Wi-Fi of IEEE 802.1 version. If 3G access is necessary a dongle accessory is necessary. It uses AC voltage source of 200-240 volts with battery storage upto 180 minutes.

The device supports GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity for internet access with additional 3G modems and integrated with USB slots for pen drive access, keyboards and web cameras. It includes a slot for micro SD cards and other additional peripherals. The browser uses data compression technique to handle compressed data like JPEG images, MPEG video, ZIP files and MP3 audios. The compressed data can be transmitted six times faster adapted to a serverside web compressed technology.

The inspiration of introducing a tablet in student’s life is definitely a useful project for persistently reinventing education to all categories of people. The price of most internet devices with portable facility remains unaffordable for poorer community around India. In India a touchscreen tablet hopes to transform this. Aakash Ubislate price in India is available at Rs 2,999. In corporation with Indian Government, Aakash sector aspires to give learners and knowledge seekers in India with portable internet access at a reasonable price. Finally the wait is over; India launched the most cost-effective computing device ever made. The Aakash Tablet has an astonishingly low cost tag with incredible features loaded matching to any computing device.

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