The slim and lightweight Apple IPod Dock is a great gadget

It is no doubt that the slim and lightweight Apple IPod Dock is a great Gadget; if you have an Apple phone I think you really should have to this great gadget to connect your computer or other device to transfer high-definition HDMI output connected TV and other interesting films or music and so on. The Apple IPod Dock is a small, rectangular slot on the bottom of the device into which the included syncing cable fits. It is also the interface used by many iPod, iPhone, and iPod peripherals, such as docks, car kits, and portable speakers. >

While most Apple IPod Dock has a shoe that fits the full-size iPod and iPhone, the connector and hardware are also compatible with the iPod, the full-size iPod’s plucky younger brother. The iPod is too small to sit comfortable in a dock meant for a full-size iPod, so you’ll need an adapter. The Apple IPod Dock uses the same data connector as the iPod and iPhone, but because it has a smaller footprint the iPod won’t fit securely in a docking station meant for a full-size iPod. And To prevent your Apple Remote Control from interfering with other docks, computers, or IR devices nearby, you can pair it to work only with your Apple IPod Dock.

The Apple IPod Dock Connector was created, in part, to simplify the iphone and iPod. Early versions of the iPod, which were only Mac-compatible, used Fire wire interfaces. When Windows-compatible iPods were introduced, they had USB interfaces, with Fire wire used for battery charging. But nowadays it can jump the battery by the Apple Car Charger. And When Apple introduced the Apple IPod Dock, it was able to reduce the number of ports on the bottom of the iPod to one and reduce the complexity and potential confusion of using the iPod. The first iPods that used the Apple IPod Dock had both Fire wire and USB cables. Later iPods only used USB. The Apple IPod Dock not only support iPod / iphone / iPods video files to transfer high-definition HDMI output connected TV and support HDMI HD output but also synchronization via USB cable and computer and while playing HDMI high-definition video while charging. What is better do not use other power dock. Use only the Apple iPod Power dock with your iPod and your phone. Dock for other devices may damage iPod. You should know how to protect your phone and make it durable and keep safe.

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